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Drips ‘n’ Puddles designs and builds backyards.

Think about the backyard as an extension of your home.  Sort of another room, an outdoor Man Cave.  In the State of Florida, this outdoor Man Cave should be where you spend the majority of your time entertaining, relaxing and enjoying with family and friends.  Think of the possibilities that can be added to this room, such as a gathering spot around a warm Custom Fire Pit or sitting comfortably next to your Outdoor Fireplace quietly reading a book, the shadows of your new Custom Pergola falling across the pages from the firelight.  This outdoor room could have a better kitchen than the kitchen inside your house with an awesome outdoor grill loaded with cooking features.  It could have better and more ways to prepare and cook food that could not be done inside the house, such as cooking with wood pellets and charcoal wood chunks, rotisserie and infrared heat and smoking those roasts and hens.  Highlighting the area is a beautiful pool with new marcite pool finish or new pool vinyl liner surrounded by a remodeled paver deck with travertine or brick pavers.   Add  colored lighting, and water features such as a sheer descent or bubbles to create the relaxing ambiance you desire. Drips n Puddles is full Service, Repair and Remodel Swimming Pool Company. We design and build Custom Outdoor Kitchens.  Custom Outdoor Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces is something we take pride in to build in your backyard.  We also complement all this design work with remodeled Decks, Walkways and Driveways, from a knockdown painted concrete to pavers and travertine or just about any decorative stone to match your backyard project. Let us take away the confusion and stress associated with your backyard remodeling project. No worries, we can handle it! Our experts will sit down with you and design your dream backyard. From big projects to small, Drips N Puddles can do it all.

Drips ‘n’ Puddles offers weekly Commercial/Residential Service, Repair and Remodel Swimming Pools.

Drips ‘n’ Puddles is a fully State Licensed Swimming Pool Company with a CPC State Contractor’s License, (CPC1457144), a Commercial Pool Operators License (CPO34-270751) and a LP Gas License (26996). We are insured with General Liability and Workers Comp for your safety and ours.  Our staff is licensed and trained in all types of pool care, pool repairs and pool remodeling. If you have a pool stain, green pool water, or loud pump, we can fix it. If you want learn about energy efficient pumps or Salt/Chlorine Generators we can teach you.  Drips ‘n’ Puddles is one of the Florida’s largest pool companies with locations in 6 major metro areas, and we are growing! In 2014, we conducted over 5000 repairs, hundreds of pool remodels, and we are one of the few companies in the State who replace swimming pool vinyl liners. Let Drips ‘n’ Puddles, Inc. a licensed State contractor, show you the endless design and technological possibilities with your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Remodel

There is so much to learn when talking about a swimming pool remodel project.  Some of the main pool features such as finish type, water line tile, step tile, pool mosaics, coping, coping tile are easy and fun to shop and compare.  You can pick from a Pebble Stone Finish to quartz marcite, from glazed ceramic tile to glass inlay tile.  The options on tile color, tile size, pool mosaics, step tile and cantilever tile are endless.  The swimming pool mosaic tile is done in porcelain tile to ceramic tile and the patterns and imagery would bring your pool project to life. The deck is the next biggest priority.  I compare picking out swimming pool deck types to picking out household carpet, there are so many choices. Most pools in Florida have a knockdown finish.  This is a skim coat with a sprayed on second coat then knocked down and painted to create the knockdown look.  This type of finish has a tendency to crack and expand as your deck moves.  A more popular choice is a paver deck. The paver deck can be finished in a clay paver, process paver, travertine, marble, stamped concrete, stained and wood or Trex. A pool remodel does not stop at the pool finish, deck or swimming pool tile. There are pool features such as water bubblers, sheer descents, rain falls, water bowls and spill overs.  The project really is a learning experience.  Drips n Puddles will educate you on all the options available for your swimming pool remodel project.  We would be honored.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Drips n Puddles is one of Florida’s largest swimming pool repair companies.  We are trusted by hundreds of property managers, real-estate brokers, National Home Warranty Companies, National Banks and you our customers with all your swimming pool repairs.  We can repair just about anything on a swimming pool from Swimming Pool Automation, Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pumps to Salt Chlorine Generators.   Let Drips n Puddles repair, upgrade or replace your next swimming pool problem.

Weekly Residential and Commercial Pool Service

Drips n Puddles offers residential and commercial swimming pool service in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.  We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff and technicians to take care of your investment so all that you do is lay in the sun and swim occasionally.

Drips ‘n’ Puddles designs and builds Custom Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits.

Drips n Puddles can design and build your custom outdoor kitchen with features that allow you to be the head chef.  Think of your kitchen oven as a propane dual side burner and your oven as the outdoor grill.  Now think of all the ways that you can cook on outdoor grills and the types of outdoor grills that are available from Japanese Komado Ceramic grill, a wood pellet grill, to a 304 stainless Steel Propane or Natural Gas Grill. Each one of these are offered in your custom designed outdoor kitchen.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Outdoor Grills

Outdoor Kitchens or Summer Kitchens are custom built to BBQ, Smoke, Sear, Bake, Grill and Roast.  If the custom outdoor kitchen is built correctly, efficient with the right kitchen components and taught how to use to its fullest potential  a whole new array of foods, taste and cooking styles will open up to you. Think about the components you have in your kitchen; your stove, most likely electric with an oven and four burners.  Now think about a custom built grill head with built in rotisserie and back burner for perfect roasting, a searing station for those perfect steaks, a smoking box for smokey flavored meats and a cooking area with twice the room.  The four burners you have on the stove top are most likely electric.  What if you could baste, fry, and simmer your sauces on a open flame outdoors?  Now design this with a power burner for those perfect seafood boils and turkey frying, an outdoor rated refrigerator and beverage center to hold all those cold drinks entertaining your friends outdoors on a raised bar area fit for a king.  all this can be done for half the cost of your last indoor kitchen remodel.  Visit our showroom to learn more

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Many a story has been told around the fireplace.  Something about looking into the wood burning logs and embers that relaxes and soothes the soul.  Today’s outdoor fireplaces are nothing like your fireplaces of the past.  They are built to last the weather and salt conditions found along the Florida coast line.  Still built with a stone mason in mind but custom built with electronic programmable gas burners, ceramic gas logs, and array of shapes, sizes and designs to fit your backyard  theme.  learn more

Custom Fire Pits

There is something to say about the custom fire pit that brings people together.  Try it, go out back, kick back start a fire in your custom fire pit and people will just show up.  Bring out the s’mores and some tall glasses and let the good times roll.  learn more





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How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

For decades, stories of all kinds have been told around the fireplace.  Something about looking into the wood burning logs and embers soothe and relax everyone.  Today’s modern day outdoor fireplaces are nothing like fireplaces from years ago. Drips ‘n’ Puddles partakes in the evolution and modernization to fit the personalized needs of the user. Fireplaces are now built to last the weather and salt conditions. This is especially important along the Florida coast line.  Even though fireplaces are still built with a stone mason in mind, they are customized with electronic programmable gas burners, ceramic gas logs, and array of shapes, sizes and designs to fit your backyard theme.  Each fireplace has a story to tell. Different materials and styles make up an individual’s vision.

There are three options of fires foundations to choose from when planning your fire pit.  The first is the old fashion way using a good portion of wood, such as Hickory or Oak.  This is a classic use because of the smoky smell and the characteristic close feeling of a traditional fireplace. The second source is propane. Propane requires additional planning including measurements, permits and costs. The third options is Natural Gas.  This source is a great source of fire and very economical to run both economically and environmentally.

Once you decided on the fire source, it is important to help decide the burner type right for you. Drips ‘n’ Puddles recommends that you eliminate natural wood and select a burner in either Natural Gas or Propane. Gas pits need a gas line that must be trenched and piped to an assembly point. This makes them a little more expensive to operate, but easier to use and uphold. Both of these burners can be lit with a push button igniter or electronic ignition.  The burners are presented in an extensive assortment of shapes and sizes to fit your project.  If you can’t find the size or shape you are searching for, Drips ‘n’ Puddles will custom design the burner for your specific project.

Drips ‘n’ Puddles is one of the few Florida companies that build their Fire Pits Cabinets out of a new fire stone. We are here to help you, whether it’s to construct a model fireplace or construct a custom vision, we are here to help. Most burners are made of galvanized aluminum or Stainless Steel Metal. This makes them easy to light and maintain proper quality.

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Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Do your dream of being the envy of the neighborhood? The backyard everyone goes to for savory barbeques during the highlight of football season? Do you desire the ability to cook delectable meals, no matter the time of day? All of this and more is ready at your very own finger tips! Look no further than Drips ‘n’ Puddles! We are one of Florida’s largest outdoor kitchen designers, distributors, and builders. We service Jacksonville, Sarasota, Bradenton and the Panhandle. Drips ‘n’ Puddles is licensed in the state of Florida, (contractor license #CPC1457144) with a gas license, and specializing not only in swimming pools but in outdoor kitchen remodels and designs for Sarasota and Manatee County. Let our experts handle your backyard dream while you relax and watch it happen. We can handle all the stress and confusion for you as we construct your ideas and visions of your personal outdoor kitchen. From major projects to minor, Drips N Puddles can complete any project, no matter the magnitude!

Imagine the backyard as if it were an extensive addition to your home. It is a fortress of recreation and enjoyment. Treat your outdoor backyard as another type of room. And just like any other part of the house, it requires design, purpose and upkeep. In the backyard there are endless opportunities for entertaining friends or enjoying time with family. This is especially true in the state of Florida, where the weather constantly supplies the ultimate opportunity for dining outside every night. This outdoor room could possess a more deluxe kitchen than the one inside your house with more and better ways to prepare food. Combine all the right tools, provided by Drips ‘n’ Puddles to complete your perfect kitchen. Your new kitchen could be the start of a new life in Florida. This new addition to your home will give you a better backyard, better family bonding, more enjoyment with better food.

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Why go custom in your backyard?

Why go custom in your backyard?

Drips n Puddles is proud that you are taking time to learn about our professional trades and backyard offerings. Drips n Puddles is an innovative and convenient company where you can shop, design, construct and maintain your backyard. We also specialize in custom outdoor kitchens, custom fire pits and custom outdoor fireplaces. Drips n Puddles is also a new and innovative swimming pool construction, repair and service company.

We are one of Florida’s largest swimming pool companies, servicing Jacksonville, Sarasota, Bradenton and the Panhandle. Drips n Puddles is licensed in the state of Florida, (contractor license #CPC1457144) with a gas license, and specializes in swimming pool remodels, swimming pool repairs, and swimming pool service for Sarasota and Manatee Counties. We are the warranty station for all the manufacturers we use in construction. Drips n Puddles carries over $2,000,000 in general liability and workers compensation insurance. You can feel safe knowing that all Drips n Puddles employees have passed a drug screen and a background check. We work primarily with manufacturer’s Home Warranty companies, Banks, Property Managers, Hotels, and private homeowners like you. Everything we do is by code and with professionalism.

If you are remodeling your entire backyard or just taking on a backyard project, such as an addition of an outdoor kitchen or a swimming pool remodel, Drips n Puddles can help.

Drips n Puddles can design and build your custom outdoor kitchen from start to fire up.

To start the building process, we use 1” aluminum frame with a ½ hardie board backer to create a strong lifetime base cabinet. This custom aluminum cabinet can be designed with a high bar, circular table, “L” or rectangle shape or any other design shape you can think of. Once the cabinet is installed, Drips n Puddles will help you pick out your cabinet, cooking appliances and components, such as outdoor rated refrigerators, kegorators, doors and drawers, and especially the grill head. All that is in your kitchen now and be built better with 304 Stainless Steel, carry a lifetime warranty and cook with real fire or real wood for better tasting food. Guys, this is what a women wants, a man who can cook! Let Drips n Puddles show you how. …

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